Affiliates and Referrals Programme

Invite a friend or business to join us and earn benefits.

Spread the word, share the benefit, earn £150!

As you can see above, our customers love to share their positive experiences with other retailers and whether you're currently a ChannelGrabber customer or you work with retailers or perhaps one of your friends is a retailer, you can spread the word and share the benefits. ChannelGrabber's affiliate and referral programme offers ChanelGrabber customers and affiliates the opportunity to invite friends and business associates to experience the benefits of ChannelGrabber themselves and then reap the rewards.

Simply fill in the short form below and we'll do the rest. We'll invite your friend or referral to sign up for ChannelGrabber - no contracts or long-term commitments - and once they're set up and they've started using the system, we'll reward you with a £150 Amazon gift card (or a month's free subscription for existing customers) as a thank you!