ChannelGrabber announces latest release combining BigCommerce, Amazon and EBay ECommerce Integration

January 12, 2016

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BigCommerce integration Ebay and Amazon

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – 12th January 2016 – ChannelGrabber announces its latest release featuring full integration between BigCommerce webstores, Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

ChannelGrabber’s CEO, Daniel Williams commented“With over 50,000 live websites built on BigCommerce and with a comparable merchant-base to Shopify BigCommerce are a key player in the ecommerce market. As such, we were keen to ensure that ChannelGrabber could support those merchants whilst allowing them to fully integrate their webstore with their Amazon and eBay shops”.

“Exploiting this integration will allow BigCommerce merchants to manage their product listings, inventory, orders, billing, shipping and messaging using a single, easy to use user interface instead of logging in to each system individually saving time, avoiding errors and dramatically improving efficiently.”

BigCommerce Integration, Amazon and eBay order management software

BigCommerce Integration Channelgrabber UI

Simplify your order management

With ChannelGrabber’s latest release you’ll be able to fetch all your BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay orders into a single interface where you can efficiently process them from start to finish. We’ve had users report a 90% reduction in their amount of time spent processing orders, a real testament to the simplicity of our new release. Our best-in-class software doesn’t overcomplicate what really should be a straightforward task.

Now you can easily manage your entire BigCommerce integration, Amazon and eBay inventory

With ChannelGrabber you can list all of your stock on BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay at the same time. Besides, we link the inventory together so that when a sale is made anywhere, its stock level is updated everywhere. It takes seconds to connect your sales channels and synchronise your eCommerce listings. As a result, when the last one sells on any channel every connected listing is paused.

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BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay Shipping Management

Ship faster than ever before

Compatible with Royal Mail OBA, Royal Mail PPI, MyHermes, ParcelForce, Interlink and DPD. Hook up your account and print all your labels from a single, unified interface, saving you time and energy. Create smart shipping rules and advanced filters to speed up your label creation process with the best BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay shipping management tool around.

Didn’t see the service you use here? Get in touch to request we add it!

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Design & send professional invoices
With the new ChannelGrabber you can produce invoices for orders received from BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay.

Start today with one of our pre-designed templates so you can send invoices automatically. Use our system to add your logo and start building your brand, not BigCommerce, Amazon or eBay’s.

Add all your registered VAT numbers, and ChannelGrabber will intelligently work out the correct rate of VAT to use. It will also apply it to every single order.

Bring your FBA orders into the system. Enjoy all these VAT invoicing benefits, even if your orders are fulfilled by Amazon.

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Easy message management for Amazon and eBay

ChannelGrabber fully integrates with the Amazon and eBay messaging systems. So now, you can read and track messages sent to and from users. Furthermore, by improving your response time you increase your customer satisfaction. Therefore, you will ultimately boost your feedback and seller metrics.

We don’t just tell you there’s a message waiting. After receiving a message we will find all orders placed by that user, so when you come to read the message we can link you directly to the order they’re referring to, or any order they have ever placed previously.

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Make ecommerce easy with channelgrabber

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