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Coordinating the best of British Fashion for Carnaby Vintage with channelgrabber

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Carnaby Vintage is an online fashion outlet specialising in retro and vintage music inspired clothing for men and women. Appealing to music inspired fashion tribes, there’s something for aficionados of such styles as mod, ska, punk, new wave and northern soul. Selling in the UK and key international markets from its own website, recent years have seen the internet retailer expand its web presence with both Amazon and eBay stores. An experienced 25 year veteran of fashion trends and of retailing in the key London youth culture centres of Carnaby Street and Camden Town, Sean Awcock operates the business single-handed from home.


Before the marketplace stores, orders only originated from the Carnaby Vintage website. Sean Awcock says: “You could see where you were with stock and order management and it was relatively straightforward to stay on top of it manually. But, with the eBay channels, it became a real problem to update stock manually across all three platforms.”

Tuesday to Friday, the business processes up to 40 orders. On Monday, with orders accumulated over the weekend, it may be as many as 100. Christmas spikes may see the volumes double, or perhaps treble. In keeping with the experience of many online-only retailers operating home-based businesses, space to hold stock is limited. Returns add a degree of complexity to the business. Ensuring stock is resalable and the need to handle returns from North America through a US postal address require their own special arrangements.


Sean was looking for a system that could unify his multichannel co-ordination and management and eliminate manual processes. The webstore is built on the EKM e-commerce platform. ChannelGrabber was the only system that Sean could locate that works with Amazon, eBay and EKM.

ChannelGrabber provides a single point of management and a single source of information. The platform brings together and synchronises eCommerce orders in all the sales channels. Once stock is exhausted, listings are paused to prevent overselling. Across the customer base, ChannelGrabber customers report time savings up to up to a 90% for order processing.

Sean works with key suppliers and selects stock from their collections. With limited space to hold stock, when he places an order the supplier allocates stock to him. ChannelGrabber simplifies the process of allowing Sean to call stock from his allocation when he has sold through the items he has on the shelf.


While ChannelGrabber may not be able to help Sean with the problem of physically handling returns, it certainly helps him to stay on top of as many moving parts as possible. Enjoying improved speed and efficiency, Sean Awcock says: “Altogether, orders can be electronically processed in 30 – 60 seconds and be ready for shipping with labels printed in 2 – 3 minutes.”

One of the most important elements of ChannelGrabber is the integration of the Carnaby Vintage Royal Mail business account and the carrier’s Despatch Manager Online (DMO) shipping tool. Sean Awcock says: “ChannelGrabber automatically uploads the parcel tracking numbers. This alone saves me between 1 and 2 hours per day in manual processing.”

With ChannelGrabber so pivotal to the operation, good support is essential. “The guys at ChannelGrabber know me well. When there’s a problem I know I can pick up the phone and get through to a human being and they’ll solve it relatively quickly. They value my suggestions for improvements, and where it’s possible, they make tweaks or provide new features that I ask for” says Sean Awcock.

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