Case Study

ChannelGrabber Case Study – Helping Tiiwee secure its vision for a Better Future

Carefully selecting merchandise from manufacturers in South East Asia, the company aims to deliver high quality products and services. It stocks CE tested products and rejects 95% of those it evaluates because it feels they simply are not good enough.
Led by experienced marketer Gerard Geilen, the business is based in the Netherlands. Products manufactured in Japan, Taiwan and China are shipped to Europe where the company executes its strategy of utilising the power and economy of scale of Amazon to sell its products through the Tiiwee Storefront.


“Tiiwee leverages the services of Amazon. For any online business starting from scratch, it requires 12 – 18 months to get the ranking for important keywords that’s so vital for bringing people to your eCommerce store,” says Gerard Geilen. He continues: “Amazon already has all the traffic from buyers, so why try and compete? An Amazon Storefront is the quickest way for a new brand to start building sales and recognition. Alongside this, has established our own online presence and has been building traffic, enabling us to use pre-and post-sales content and service to build and develop our own CRM databases.”
Tiiwee lets Amazon execute delivery to its customers within 2 days through its European warehousing and fulfilment operations. Inventory is shipped to Amazon and their solution takes care of the rest. One issue with this approach is that Tiiwee needs to provide invoices to customers. The problem is, the data comes through from Amazon in a condensed format which through a semi-automated process needs to be broken out to produce Tiiwee branded invoices.


ChannelGrabber provides a single point of management across multichannel sales. It’s a single source of information, putting listings, inventory, billing, shipping and messaging across multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplace webstores all in one place. Processing condensed data, supplied by marketplaces such as Amazon, into individual invoices is just one of the bulk actions which simplify, save time and eliminate human errors. ChannelGrabber customers report time savings up to up to a 90% for order processing.
Gerard Geilen says: “It’s really inefficient having people caught up manually processing invoices and it’s difficult to find a way to make it easy. ChannelGrabber was one of the best solutions we looked at for easily creating invoices which support our brand.”


“We’re very pleased with ChannelGrabber. The team give good, fast service and it’s a pleasure working with Dave Freel, the Head of Operations. Simplifying the production of large volumes of invoices saves a lot of time, where we can be doing other things that are more important for developing the business,” says Gerard Geilen.
As the migration of to eCommerce through the Shopify platform proceeds, ChannelGrabber is likely to play a more expansive role in automating and simplifying back-end processes. Gerard Geilen says: “It does much more than invoicing. As we move our website over to eCommerce, I can see that it’s going to be really important in helping us with inventory management.”
In the future Tiiwee aims to continue to develop its reputation for good products and great service. It plans to focus on this by outsourcing anything it is not good at. One day, all products will be Tiiwee branded and designed and it aims to achieve higher quality standards by manufacturing in Europe.
And it’s not just thinking big about products and brand. Tiiwee takes social responsibility very seriously too. “Our future way of life is going to be increasingly influenced by the trend for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and robotics and automation. This may have negative impacts for society. The ambition for Tiiwee is to pay something back into local communities through microeconomic impacts. ChannelGrabber is helping us work toward this vision,” Gerard Geilen says.
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