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Perfect Dayze perfects multichannel stock control with channelgrabber

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Family firm, Perfect Dayze, prides itself on selling clothing and apparel from quality brands. In the company’s own words, ‘we like what we sell and we only sell what we like.’
In the past 10 years, Perfect Dayze has grown from an eBay business into a multichannel online operation, spanning eBay, multiple Amazon sites – including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – and its own webstore.Co-founder, Ian Payne, believes the firm’s investment in technology has been key to Perfect Dayze’s growth, and its five-year partnership with ChannelGrabber has revolutionised the way Perfect Dayze manages its inventory and order fulfilment across online channels.


“As the company grew, overstocks were becoming an issue for us,” Ian explains. “Every time we sold something on one site we were having to modify available stock levels manually across our other platforms, which was impossible to do accurately with the number of SKU’s we were selling.”
Perfect Dayze found online inventory management a particular challenge over evenings and weekends, when items would be sold without staff being able to adjust stock in real-time. Ian and the team realised that multichannel management technology would be the best solution to improving stock control, in order to balance inventory and make fulfilment more efficient across all online channels.


“Initially we looked at quite a few solutions,” Ian says. “ChannelGrabber stood out compared to a lot of the more expensive technology out there that didn’t offer many more features for the price tag.” With ChannelGrabber the clear front-runner, Ian validated the solution by looking at customer reviews, before taking part in a trial to test-drive the technology.  “I liked the look and feel of ChannelGrabber, it was simple to use. I was also really impressed by the support service ChannelGrabber offered, as there was always someone at the end of the phone if we had a question.”
In fact, it was ChannelGrabber’s support capabilities that sealed the deal for Perfect Dayze, as Ian felt it critical to work with a technology partner that could get the organisation back up and running quickly if they experienced any technical challenges. “In the online retail world you can’t wait 24 hours for a response, especially for a company like Perfect Dayze that prides itself on getting stock out quickly,” he comments. “ChannelGrabber was very efficient at providing support when needed.”

The challenge

Better stock management was Perfect Dayze’s primary motivation for investing in ChannelGrabber, and the solution repaid the company’s investment with immediate results.
“As soon as we rolled out ChannelGrabber we started saving ourselves hours of work,” Ian praises. “It enabled us to take on more core products, and move away from seasonal buying to tailoring our product range every week if we want.”
One feature that has proved critical to Perfect Dayze’s stock management capabilities is ChannelGrabber’s reporting tools. “It only takes us a few seconds to calculate 50 different stock lines, which we had to do manually beforehand,”adds Ian. “Without ChannelGrabber I might have needed to employ 1-2 extra people to do the same job.” Not only is reporting more efficient, ChannelGrabber’s analytics are revealing critical insights into the Perfect Dayze product range. For example, staff can flag issues with an item on the system, and multiple flags can quickly identify if there is an issue with a particular product being returned in large numbers.
So important has the solution become to Perfect Dayze’s operational processes that Ian is now using the software to inform decisions about the company’s future services and infrastructure. “We’ve grown a lot in the last 12 months, and we’re always looking to see how ChannelGrabber can support this growth,” Ian concludes. “We’re working on new functionality with the ChannelGrabber team, such as automatically sending an email to the customer when their order is dispatched, and also investigating new barcode scanning technology.
“The important thing is that however we evolve the way we use the system, we’re always happy with ChannelGrabber and the quality of the technology. It’s simple, it does the job effectively, and the support services we receive from the ChannelGrabber team is second-to-none.”
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