Case Study

Order Management Software that Saves RFH Group Time and Resource

  • jamescarr

Are you an eCommerce brand or running a wholesale operation? Find out how our Order Management Software can help your business to become “100% sell proof”.We interview Luke Hudson at the RFH Group, to understand how his company benefits from our  Inventory and Order Management Software.

Can you tell us about your eCommerce business and future ambitions?

“Today, we operate five Direct To Consumer (DTC) websites operated on Shopify and are at the early stages of opening a wholesale function of our business. Each month we are shipping thousands of orders. Today, for example, we are processing and packing over 4000 units to send to one of our distributors. We expect the volume of orders to increase with the wholesale process maturing.”

What problem caused you to seek out order management software?

“Originally, we were looking for a solution to replace the use of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything. When we first started using the software it was because we needed a solution for our order management system. Then the software functionality expanded to include the warehousing system, integrations with accounting software, and then shipping and courier services. Now it has become a critical system within our business and enables us to operate with minimum risk. We now use the order and inventory management software to integrate Shopify to manage our inventory and connect with courier services.”

What attracted you to our order management software?

“This software enables us to run in a way that, simply put, would not be possible without it. We would have to produce our finished garments with all our designs already printed. Then it’s down to a whim and a prayer to make sure that we can shift it all. Instead, because of the software, we run a very lean operation because we’re only making it as we sell it.

A couple of years ago, we reviewed our platforms and I explored other multichannel order and inventory management software options. We spent time looking at the other providers. Yes, they could supply you with a CMS, but if you wanted warehouse locations and scanners, it became complex with the need to add third-party companies. Whereas everything was in one integrated place with this multichannel order management software. Skip forward to where we are today and it’s the knowledge we have of the software, the functionality and the personal relationship we hold with the business that just means it is an invaluable aspect of our business operations.”

What impact has our software had on your business?

“Without this software, we would likely need another two additional people to process orders, to manage stock and to ship orders. Using this software enables our business to be 100% sell-proof, as we only have items in stock that are ready to be sold. Essentially, I only ever need to manage my blank profiles, for example, a black medium T-shirt, in one space. That then propagates all other sales channels, such as Shopify, and other marketplaces with the end product. So, when the order is processed it is broken down into the specifics of the purchase and we can then produce it to be shipped. To explain that further, we may be listing a black T-shirt that has a unique artwork printed on it, available in a medium size, but in the stock room, it will just be a medium non-printed black t-shirt. This is made possible by the multipack functionality that enables us to list and sell the end garment across multiple marketplaces. This really minimises the amount of risk that our stock poses and its functionality that I believe no other competitors, that I am aware of, can offer.”

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