Cloud Commerce Pro merges with ChannelGrabber!

December 5, 2019


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Today we are happy to announce the merger of Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber!

Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber represent the two most trusted multi-channel eCommerce software solutions, according to customer reviews on both Trustpilot and Google Reviews. As well as holding a 5* ranking on in the same field.

Benefiting from a shared technical experience pool, and headed by a combined leadership team.  Clients will be able to stay on their current plan or move to one that better suits their budget, goals, and current circumstances. This merger allows us to offer a much broader range of features and pricing options for customers new and old.

We believe our systems complement one another, and that by housing both solutions under one roof, we can make it easier than ever for eCommerce merchants who want to empower their businesses to thrive and grow.

“Online retail is a very competitive, dynamic market,” said Mark Hallam, Director of Cloud Commerce Pro. “ChannelGrabber have been working hard to service small-to-mid-size retailers, while Cloud Commerce Pro has developed a solution that better suits mid-to-large retailers. Combining our services into one provider was a customer-driven decision. We now represent the most comprehensive solution in global retail.”

A Winning Formula

Both ChannelGrabber and Cloud Commerce Pro operate highly-reviewed services which serve their clients’ needs. There’s no intention to change the positive experiences received by customers of either brand – but we believe that, combined, we can make each system even better.

We’re going to continue to focus on the same values that have made our two brands so successful. A single, powerful set of tools that’s easy to master, making selling products across multiple sales channels effortless. Dedicated support. And the belief that when your service is good, you don’t need to lock customers into long contracts to keep them with you.

Building Sales, Building Customers

As well as the support our systems offer your teams, we want to help your business to grow directly. Cloud Seller Pro, another part of this business family and Google Technical Partner, is the UK’s only pay-on-results paid marketing service.

With no setup fees, no charge on spend, and using human expertise combined with a proprietary campaign management platform, Cloud Seller Pro can manage Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Amazon Sponsored Ads marketing to increase your audience and reduce your cost for each new order.


Make eCommerce Easy with ChannelGrabber

ChannelGrabber is the best inventory management software for scaling eCommerce businesses seeking multichannel order management, warehousing, automated shipping and customer reply manager functionality.

Make operations effortless, by connecting Direct to Consumer (DTC) channels, such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, with Global Market Places, including Ebay, Etsy and Amazon, to Third Party Applications and Courier Services in one platform.

Increase profitability with access to world-leading eCommerce software and support.

It’s time to be confident with a software provider that is trustworthy, transparent, and predictable with pricing.

Make eCommerce easy with ChannelGrabber.