ChannelGrabber vs Orderwise

ChannelGrabber is a web-based application which, unlike OrderWise, provides you with a complete feature set irrespective of how much you pay.

OrderWise charges on a per module basis; the set price for each module not available on their website. This may sound better until you realise ChannelGrabber’s complete package is available from £40 per month, whilst OrderWise pricing starts from £49 a month per user, subject to credit status and acceptance, based on a 6 user, small business core package over 36 months finance lease exc VAT. A setup fee may also apply. The monthly figures quoted are for a 36 month lease purchase so if you don’t want to be in a 3 year lease purchase financial agreement with your order management software provider, you would need to pay the full price of the system up-front, though this does mean you don’t have to pay any interest. We have endeavoured to display all OrderWise pricing and monthly examples with wording that has been approved by their finance company to ensure it meets all legal requirements. This includes appropriate wording such as finance lease, exc. VAT, subject to credit status and acceptance, setup fee may apply. ChannelGrabber is £100+ per month ex VAT.

ChannelGrabber is a real alternative to OrderWise with full support included as part of your normal monthly subscription. We also host your data entirely in the cloud at no extra cost, so you can access it from anywhere without fear of losing data through a computer malfunction. OrderWise provides 6 months' support and upgrades with purchase of the software. You then have the option to pay for an annual support and upgrade contract that has no bearing on the use of the system itself. ChannelGrabber offers unlimited support as part of your subscription.

ChannelGrabber and OrderWise competitors offer very different pricing pricing structures. ChannelGrabber offers a transparent monthly fee based on your order volume. Alternatively OrderWise charges a one-off fee to purchase the software with the option to pay in instalments on a finance plan, subject to credit status and acceptance.

You will get 6 months of upgrades included with your purchase of OrderWise. Beyond this point there is a single 12 month support and upgrade contract which gives you a different number of upgrades depending on which package you select. Everyone is eligible to receive bug fixes. The Standard upgrade package allows you to upgrade once, at the time of purchase. The Advanced package allows you to upgrade quarterly for 12 months, and Premium provides monthly upgrades. You are also able to purchase one-off upgrades, and are provided an upgrade if you purchase a new module. ChannelGrabber stays up-to-date at all times.

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Every business is unique, what works for you won’t work for someone else.

Software is similar, so to help demonstrate the benefits of ChannelGrabber here’s a list of things we believe we do better than OrderWise.

Unlimited number of products
Unlimited number of marketplaces
No extra cost for additional users
No additional charge for cloud hosting your data
Support available instantly, not graded depending on the severity of the impact to your business
6 months support included in the cost of the software
Unlimited support after first 6 months, at no additional cost
6 months of upgrades included in the cost of the software
Unlimited upgrades after first 6 months, at no additional cost
Complete package available from just £100 & setup fee
No commission
No annual contract to receive ongoing support
No annual contract to receive system upgrades

N.B. Our information is based on what our competitors have publicly confirmed on their own websites. If you feel anything here is inaccurate or misleading please let us know. Valid as of 01/04/17