ChannelGrabber vs Seller Dynamics

If you sell online and are considering using Seller Dynamics, read on to find out why ChannelGrabber is the obvious choice.

Seller Dynamics and ChannelGrabber are both multi-channel eCommerce management systems, yet design and functionality differs greatly. That is, for a company that’s been around as long as they have, it is difficult to find any independent reviews, whilst ChannelGrabber’s customers can’t help but sing its praises.

Software support and help in getting ‘up and running’ is always going to be important to online retailers. Both solutions offer free training, although ChannelGrabber is simple enough to get started without it.

Furthermore, ChannelGrabber's competitors all offer very different pricing structures. ChannelGrabber's fee structure is as simple as they come - a fixed fee based on your order volume.


Indeed, Seller Dynamics’s pricing page presents a 4-tier structure based on Annual Gross Sales. Initially, charges start from £85 per month for sales up to £100k, and sales up to £500k cost £225 per month. In addition, you’ll need to contact them for a tailored quote for sales above £500k.

Curious how we shape up against other multi-channel eCommerce solutions?

View our full competitive analysis here.

Every business is unique, what works for you won’t work for someone else.

Software is the same, and whilst we’re sure that our competitors do what they do very well, here’s a list of things we believe we do better than Seller Dynamics.

  ChannelGrabber Seller Dynamics
Unlimited number of products, on all packages
Integration with EKM
Integration with BigCommerce
Integration with Shopify
Integration with WooCommerce
Customer message center for eBay and Amazon
  ChannelGrabber Seller Dynamics
Unlimited phone support, on all packages
Built-in setup wizard to get you started in 5 minutes
One-to-one training available
  ChannelGrabber Seller Dynamics
No SKU limit, on all packages
No gross sales limit, on all packages
No contract

N.B. Our information is based on what our competitors have publicly confirmed on their own websites. If you feel anything here is inaccurate or misleading please let us know. Valid as of 30/01/21