ChannelGrabber vs Volo

If you sell online and are considering using Volo, read on to find out why ChannelGrabber is the obvious choice.

Volo Commerce (formally eSellerPro) has an exhaustive website but is actually quite difficult to try and figure out what they do. With lots of buzzwords and generic statements, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were a recruiting agency instead of an eCommerce management system.

Without any information available on their website, it is unclear to us how much support you get from Volo when you need it, whereas ChannelGrabber is proud to offer unlimited phone, email and ticket support.

ChannelGrabber and Volo competitors all offer different pricing structures. Volo does not have a pricing page and do not make their pricing structure publicly visible. However, we are aware that they require a 12 month contract and setup fees are frequently levied. In addition, commission is charged as a percentage of your total revenue. ChannelGrabber’s pricing scheme is publicly available and offers a sliding scale which is based on your order volume.

Curious how we shape up against other multi-channel eCommerce solutions?

View our full competitive analysis here.

Every business is unique, what works for you won’t work for someone else.

Software is similar, so to help demonstrate the benefits of ChannelGrabber here’s a list of things we believe we do better than Volo.

Simple and easy to use interface
Unlimited number of products, on all packages
Unlimited number of marketplaces, on all packages
Unlimited number of users logging in simultaneously, on all packages
Unlimited number of webstores (EKM, Shopify etc.), on all packages
Customer message center for eBay and Amazon
Email invoices to customers automatically
Promoted as the fastest stock update in the industry
Unlimited phone support, on all packages
Unlimited live chat support, on all packages
Unlimited ticket support, on all packages
Software so simple training isn’t required
Built-in setup wizard to get you started in 5 minutes
Free 1-to-1 training, just in case!
Easy to understand pricing
Complete package starting from just £0
Gradually scales with your business
Functionality not limited by how much you pay
No cost for additional modules
No commission
No contract

N.B. Our information is based on what our competitors have publicly confirmed on their own websites. If you feel anything here is inaccurate or misleading please let us know. Valid as of 01/04/17