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June 1, 2018

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Whether you’re just setting up your new eCommerce business or simply adding more stock to your existing listings, inputting weights and dimensions for each of your products is often the last of your concerns.

It can seem like a long, tedious process, where you’re just adding specifications because there’s a field for it in your stock system.

Adding product weights and dimensions isn’t going to help you sell more stock or be better for your business, is it?

Actually, it is. Product weights and dimensions can help you boost your sales, and perhaps more importantly, reduce unnecessary admin time in the long run.

Here are the benefits of including dimensions and weights when selling online:

1. Product weight & dimensions gives your customers more information

Customers are accustomed to seeing product weight and dimensions. One look on Amazon and the dedicated specifications tab tells you all you need to know.

Buyers want to see the shape and size of products for a number of reasons. For large items, they want to check it will fit where they intend it and look suitable. For small items, buyers know that pictures can be deceiving, so checking product sizes can help them better visualise the product they intend to purchase.

Some customers will also check product dimensions to ensure what they are ordering will fit through their letterbox, specifically if they’re buying small items and know they won’t be in to take delivery.

2. It shows transparency in your business

Including product weight and dimensions shows your customers that you have nothing to hide about the item you are selling.

You are being clear and open about what the product is. This helps build trust and could help you make that sale.

3. It helps buyers make the right choice

If you sell multiple versions of the same product, or there are slight variations of an item between you and your competitors, then including the product’s size and weight can help you distinguish yourself.

You will be able to show which products are bigger, longer or heavier, so your customers can make sure they are buying the right item for their needs.

4. It reduces unnecessary administration time

When you don’t include product weights and dimensions, then the chances are you’ll have a potential customer asking about them.

Take a look through products on Amazon, eBay or other marketplaces, and you’ll invariably see questions from buyers like “how big is this” or “will it fit here” or “Is it too heavy to carry around?”

Dealing with individual queries and answering the same questions again and again can be a big waste of your valuable time, so including weight and dimensions on every product listing can help reduce this burden.

5. It allows you to automatically set delivery charges

Finally, when you do include the sizes and weights of your products, you can automatically set the shipping and handling charges.

This means that you don’t have to worry about figuring out how much you should charge for delivery for each item, or whether you’re going to lose money on the shipping costs.

Instead, you can set up your market place or inventory management software to include the correct delivery charge as offered by a range of carriers, based on the dimensions and weight of each individual product.

This is fairer to your customers and better for your business.

6. Product weight and dimensions make shipping quicker and easier

Using inventory management software such as ChannelGrabber? Then save a lot of time and effort and include product weight and dimensions.

You can set up your order processing to select the appropriate shipping method, based on the product’s size. And you won’t have to spend time entering information on shipping labels when an order is confirmed. Specifically, as ChannelGrabber can do that for you. By automating these aspects of your order dispatch and shipping, you’ll be freeing up more time for other work. Not only this, but also reducing the potential for error – which could cost your business money.

Forget manually entering product dimensions for each and every order. Once you’ve included the weight and dimensions for your product, each order can be processed for shipping automatically, with labels printed and ready to go.

Learn how to quickly add product weight and dimensions to your ChannelGrabber account here.

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