How to Declutter your ChannelGrabber Inventory Management System

June 10, 2018

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declutter inventory management system
We all know how important a tidy warehouse is. If you want to find stock quickly and dispatch it efficiently, your shelving needs to be organised, areas labelled, and products sorted correctly. That way, everyone knows where everything is.
There’s no confusion. No wasted time looking around or double checking. And no wasted space.

But is your inventory management system as tidy as your warehouse? If it’s not, then you could be wasting time – and money. And so you need to carry out a good de-cluttering.

Delete products you no longer sell

The first step is a really simple one. Delete those product listings or stock entries that are now completely irrelevant.

If you do not stock or sell that item anymore, it doesn’t need to stay in your inventory management system. In fact, it could cause a problem being in there.When you’re scrolling through your inventory and see products with no stock, you or your staff may forget that it’s an old product, and mistakenly re-order stock that you do not require.

Or, you might find that if you leave old listings in your inventory, they could accidentally be published online, and you may find customers buying a product from you that you no longer stock or sell.

To reduce any potential for selling or re-ordering old products, it’s best to delete them from your inventory management. It’s easy to do with ChannelGrabber too, any time you want.

Group similar products together

Another great way to declutter your inventory management system is to group similar products or variations of the same listing together.

Many e-Commerce sellers will stock and sell a wide variety of products, some of which are often very similar. If you sell any clothes for example, you’re likely to have a range of different sizes. You may also have the exact same t-shirt but in 4 or 5 different colours or designs.The same goes for other products, from pens and pencils to phone covers and mugs. And if you sell personalised gifts, you may have a range of different messages that can be added to each product.

This means a lot of individual listings. Although the products are pretty much the same, there are slight variations in each, so they each require their own stock entry.

But this could really clutter up your inventory management system. With dozens of almost identical listings, it could be easy to make a mistake.

Thankfully, ChannelGrabber has a solution: group variations together.

With this automatic function, variations from the same listing will all be grouped together seamlessly. So when you’re browsing through your inventory system, it’s a lot easier to get an overview of your products and stock levels for each group of items – rather than struggling to find each and every variety of one product.

When all sizes, all colours or all designs are linked, viewing, checking and managing your stock is a lot simpler, and a lot less cluttered.

Merge manual and automatic orders

Finally, ChannelGrabber can also help you declutter your inventory management system by keeping your stock levels accurate and adjusted – even with manual orders.

Any good multichannel e-Commerce inventory software should ensure all your stock is synchronised across every channel you’re selling on. That’s essential. But ChannelGrabber can also adjust and update your stock levels, even when you’re selling offline.Any items that are allocated for a manual order will simply be subtracted from your current stock levels, and the new level pushed out to all your online channels. This way, if you’re selling in a brick and mortar store, take a large order over the phone, or manually process a one off physical order, you won’t need to worry about your inventory management system.

You’ll be minimising the clutter of separate listings or stock entries – one for online orders, one for manual orders – and reducing the need for unnecessary admin tasks.

If you need further help decluttering your inventory management system, our expert team is on hand to advise you on the best ways to sort, organise and tidy up your product listing and stock levels.

If you don’t have a ChannelGrabber account and haven’t tried our software yet, then you can get started today and see how we can help you improve your stock organisation and streamline your selling process!


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