In The Press: ChannelGrabber distinguished with prestigious SaaS Awards from Finances Online

November 3, 2016

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Our company has devoted many years of research and effort to develop the reliable eCommerce platform it offers today. Companies are repeatedly investing their trust in ChannelGrabber’s stock management, and inspiring our team to work even harder helping them avoid overselling, and automating bulk actions which ease their mundane processes.

What makes us particularly happy today is that our stellar performance has been spotted and appreciated by a experts from FinancesOnline, a popular review platform and base of SaaS promotion ideas, who published a very positive review of our product. After examining users’ positive reactions to our product, as well as the back-stage functionality of our technical team, FinancesOnline decided to award us with two of their prestigious SaaS awards.

The first one is called the Great User Experience Award, and is given to systems that do the best job at meeting users’ expectations, and whose interface makes it easy even for non-savvy users to handle e-sales technicalities.

The second award is the 2016 Rising Star Award for their best sales software category that we won in appreciation of the growth and development trends we’ve witnessed, and how we were able to conquer the hearts of e-vendors in a very short span of no time.

According to their ChannelGrabber review here our product is a unique provider of accurate order management filters which can be combined to track and accelerate delivery. Both experts and users were impressed by the customizable invoicing, where a vendor can easily inject important branding elements, and further improve the trustworthiness of their service. As they explained, the numerous integrations including ones with Shopify, Magento, Amazon, and eBay, and the flexible pricing scheme are even stronger incentives for retailers to consider our product.

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