In The Press: ChannelGrabber releases its analysis of the Christmas Effect on Online Retail

January 20, 2017

ChannelGrabber, the leading software provider of multi-channel ecommerce, announces the release of their latest report into the nature and business impact of the Christmas 2016 peak selling season. This fascinating analysis provides compelling, surprising and useful insights into how Christmas affected its own customers, and what lessons can be drawn from and applied to the coming holiday seasons of Easter and Christmas 2017.
“Everyone knows Christmas is the year’s greatest retail event, but there has been little if any quantitative research carried out into its effect on online retailers’ business. We commissioned this research because we wanted to help retailers to understand the trends and patterns of the key Christmas selling period and to help them plan for 2017 to ensure they maximize sales and customer satisfaction. We were genuinely surprised by several of the findings,” said Mike Morgan, CEO of ChannelGrabber.
Rich Brigham, Managing Director of Discount Clothing Direct, agreed, “We use ChannelGrabber’s technology to help us manage our online retail business and this report made for an interesting read. It’s tremendously valuable to gain insights from their broader customer community that will enable us to plan for our busiest months in 2017 and beyond.”
ChannelGrabber’s research draws on analysis of data across all sectors of online retail. It identifies patterns and trends and turns them turn them into the basis for actionable selling tactics. When does the “Christmas Effect” actually kick-in? Where should you market your merchandise to maximize sales? Does Black Friday live up to the hype? And when is it time to take that well-earned vacation? All these questions and more are answered in this unique report.
Read the summarized report to learn the 5 key facts about “The Christmas Effect” to maximize your online sales in 2017.


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