Multi-Channel eCommerce Listing Software

Optimise product content and list your products to eBay, Amazon and your webstore, with a single click.

The Challenge

Whether you are selling your products on your webstore, eBay, Amazon or another marketplace, creating your product listings is complicated and time-consuming.

If you sell through more than one sales channel, the challenges become far greater. You have to set up your products individually for each channel using proprietary software or different websites. Each has their own set of unique product categories and listing templates which vary by product type – there is a complete lack of consistency.

Your goal is to maximise sales across channels through the most effective means. Repetitive, time-consuming work like setting up the same product across several channels means you’re not spending time on more strategic activities which grow your business.

Other software providers offer limited listing tools allowing you to copy or import your existing listings. However, most are crude and unreliable and none enable you to build your product catalogue, or list quickly, easily and reliably to multiple or all sales channels in real-time.

The best eCommerce Listing Software to connect eBay, Amazon and webstores

These challenges are solved by consolidating all of your multi-channel efforts into one software solution.

ChannelGrabber’s eCommerce software is built to streamline your product catalogue and listing management practices by bringing all of your online sales destinations into a single user interface. Simply create and list any product once, and then effortlessly push it out across some or all of your sales channels.

ChannelGrabber’s software integrates with your webstore, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and many more sales channels. Not only are stock levels accounted for across platforms, but listing your products becomes easy.

A mundane task which previously took valuable time now becomes an automated process with improved results.


Multiple Channels, one Listing tool

Connect to eBay, Amazon and webstore - make all of your stock available everywhere at once.

Real Time Stock Synchronisation

ChannelGrabber links your entire inventory together so when a sale is made anywhere, its stock level is updated everywhere.

Easy Updates

Stock items are linked by SKU and can be created or updated in bulk by CSV, eliminating the need for manual entry.

SKU-based Listings

Automatically link your listings based on the SKU, so you can have your entire inventory listed in every location, maximising your opportunity to make a sale and avoiding overselling.

Advanced Stock Management

ChannelGrabber offers bulk import/export, CSV updating, manual updating, advanced stock rules, stock history, product variations and more; all within one easy-to-use interface.

Comprehensive Integration

Connect with all of your webstores, marketplaces, couriers and other popular software systems and work from a single interface.

List your products anywhere & everywhere with a single click

ChannelGrabber connects with all of your online outlets through software integration and provides an easy-to-use interface through which to manage your product catalogue, product listing and stock. This means you don’t need to log in to multiple systems or websites anymore and you can list your products anywhere with a single click.

ChannelGrabber links your listings based on the SKU, so you can list your entire inventory in every location, maximising your opportunity to make a sale and avoiding overselling.

When the last item sells on any channel, every connected listing is paused. When you restock, the selling picks up right where it left off. And with all of your inventory in one place, you can now benefit from executing bulk imports and updates as well as using advanced stock rules to maximise your business potential.

Make Product Listing easy again…

ChannelGrabber’s one-click listing features enable you to list your stock anywhere and everywhere with a single click and make all of your stock available to all of your potential customers no matter where they choose to buy.

By facilitating real time synchronisation of stock levels across all of your stores, you can’t oversell, you won’t falsely show as out of stock in any one store and you won’t miss out on those larger orders that might otherwise exceed your individual silo stock levels.

With it’s convenient, easy-to-use interface, ChannelGrabber provides you with an efficient and effective means of managing your products, listings and stock and avoids you logging into multiple systems and websites.  ChannelGrabber’s listing features also ensure optimal product listings, help save time and effort and improve customer experience.


  • Manage your products and listings in one place

    Avoid duplicated effort and inconsistency with a unified multi-channel product catalogue and enjoy one-click listings.

  • Unified Stock Management

    Making all of your stock visible on every store means you’ll no longer miss out on those larger orders or oversell.

  • Minimise Errors

    With one product catalogue, one-click listings, one inventory, one system, one interface, one workflow and one process, costly and time-consuming mistakes are avoided.

  • Save valuable time

    ChannelGrabber lists anywhere and everywhere with a single click and automatically adjusts stock levels across all sales channels in real time.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Accurate stock levels, no false stock-outs and no overselling leads to happier customers and higher seller ratings.

  • More than just a Listing Tool

    ChannelGrabber is a complete end-to-end solution for all online retailers also handling inventory, orders, billing, shipping and messaging across multiple sales channels.

There’s more to ChannelGrabber than Inventory Management

Inventory management is just one of the many great features of ChannelGrabber – it is a suite of tools designed to manage every aspect of online retail administration.

ChannelGrabber integrates with all your sales channels, couriers and more and helps you with product listings, order management, invoicing, shipping and messaging.

With ChannelGrabber, you’ll feel like you’re managing one business again – not many - and it saves you so much time, it will feel like you have a new and very efficient member of your team!

manage your multi-channel orders and shipping

Size doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, a few years down the line or shipping orders by the boatload, ChannelGrabber grows with your business.

No matter how many SKUs you have, how many listings you create or how much stock you carry. In any case, we ensure our adaptive, intuitive processes are more manageable for you.

Above all, substantial time savings can be achieved no matter how big you are. Think of us as an extra member of staff, but at a fraction of the cost!

Seamless Integration

ChannelGrabber integrates with all of your favourite marketplaces, webstores and shipping carriers and our list of integration partners is growing all the time.