Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

June 7, 2023

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Andy Man Club Talk

A month ago, the various businesses within our business teamed up to advocate for mental wellness for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023.  After extensive planning, a team of mental health advocates from across the companies produced a comprehensive agenda featuring a range of activities, talks, and initiatives over a five-day period.

The week offered a wide array of activities aimed at reducing stress and promoting mindfulness. These included calming the mind through coffee breaks and collaborative jigsaw puzzles, to getting creative with origami workshops and embroidery sessions. Staff also showed off their baking skills and sold delicious cakes to raise funds for MIND, a charity dedicated to supporting mental health.

The event reached beyond the building by collaborating with charitable organizations dedicated to mental health. Craig Jones, a member of Andy’s Man Club, shared insights into how the charity helps men effectively manage personal and professional pressures by providing a safe space for open discussions and peer-led support sessions.

To enhance individuals’ understanding and awareness of mental wellness, the building invited esteemed guest speaker Dr. Rina Bajaj, an award-winning counselling psychologist and author, to deliver an empowering talk. Attendees gained valuable guidance on managing their mental well-being, reflecting the agencies’ commitment to providing employees with valuable resources and expert perspectives.

Active Participation and Physical Well-being

The mental health event also fostered partnerships with local businesses to diversify the activities and experiences offered. The first excursion involved attending a high-intensity training session at Barry’s Bootcamp, designed to invigorate the body and improve cardiovascular health. The second excursion took participants to Corner HQ, Manchester’s Boxing Boutique Gym, where they engaged in an introductory boxing session. These activities provided employees with opportunities to challenge themselves and engage in different forms of physical exercise. Yoga sessions and Qigong practices, incorporating movement and breathwork, were also organized to promote physical and mental balance. These activities aimed to cultivate overall well-being by integrating the mind and body.

Commenting on the experience, James Carr, Marketing Executive at ChannelGrabber said:

“Joining in the mental health activities was a great experience. During the week I was able to spend some time on the talk by Andy’s Man Club and take part in the boxing session at Corner HQ. It was a great way to open a conversation on Mental Health and talk about some of the tactics we can all deploy to manage mental wellness”.

Prioritising Mental Health

The collaborative efforts of the building demonstrated a collective commitment to promoting employee well-being and prioritizing mental health. The positive reception and active participation from individuals across the agencies were heart-warming. For smaller businesses, the event also presented an opportunity to form new personal relationships beyond their own organization.


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