Printing Labels with ChannelGrabber

July 12, 2016

We are pleased to announce that after many months of hard work, we have now added full courier integration to our software. This means that you can print shipping labels for all major couriers within ChannelGrabber, without ever leaving the platform. We’ve put together a guide to help get you ready to print shipping labels with ChannelGrabber.

It’s difficult to do anything right without the appropriate tools. You only need two things to get started using this new feature: a printer and some labels.

Choosing the right printer

If you’re printing integrated labels, your regular desktop printer will be sufficient to print shipping labels through ChannelGrabber. If you’re not printing integrated labels, we really do suggest that you get your hands on a thermal printer to speed up your delivery process. There are number of advantages to a printer like this: they take up less space on your desktop, and they print in the precise dimensions that many couriers require for their labels.

Although there is the initial investment of the printer cost, this will be offset in the long run as thermal printers don’t require you to purchase ink. We recommend the Zebra GK420d as your desktop thermal printer. It’s a reliable piece of kit that we use in the office, as well as being the printer Royal Mail are recommending their customers to use. The Zebra printer integrates seamlessly with our system and if you use one to print labels with ChannelGrabber, we’ll give you the support you need to do this.

As of the 17th of November 2015, you can get the Zebra GK42od for £239.99 incl. VAT, from theBarcode Warehouse. Alternatively,Thermal Printer Services are selling them for £213.60 incl. VAT. Both retailers offer free delivery on orders over £100. If you’re a Royal Mail Business account holder they can source you a Zebra printer for £150 + VAT, probably the best price out there. The quickest way to do this is by calling their shippings solution team on 08456564423. You’ll need to regularly ship your parcels using Royal Mail DMO to take advantage of this price.

What labels to use for shipping

You’ll need to choose between printing integrated labels on a desktop printer or printing non-integrated labels on a thermal printer. There are a number of advantages to both formats and which one you go for will depend on the needs of your business. If you currently ship your orders with Royal Mail then you are in luck. They will be providing all their business account holders with free thermal label stock as part of their transition to mandatory barcoded labels. You can order these through your DMO account.

Royal Mail shipping labels and barcodes

Royal Mail are transitioning from their more traditional postage methods to requiring all customers to attach 2D barcoded labels to parcels. This will allow retailers to provide tracking information to customers at no extra cost. PPI labels will eventually be phased out and RM wants customers to be only using 2D barcodes by April 2016. Luckily ChannelGrabber is fully compatible with the new system and can be used to print Royal Mail 2D barcoded labels with no additional fees. If Royal Mail isn’t your courier of choice, or if you’re not using a thermal printer, you’ll need to purchase labels.

We recommend Forms Plus Stationery, providers of high quality integrated labels. They have quite a large range of products, but if you print address-only labels or Royal Mail PPI then then browse their whole label stock here. If you’re ready to start printing with ChannelGrabber – head over to our KnowledgeBase for a detailed guide to producing and printing shipping labels.

ChannelGrabber eCommerce Management System

Lastly, if you’re a new visitor to our website, please do check out our software and its time-saving features. ChannelGrabber speeds up the shipping process, but it also streamlines stock and order management, invoicing and client messaging. Start using it for free or find out more below!