What is ‘Auto-Import Listings’ – and why is it important?

When you’re selling across multiple channels, one of the biggest challenges is inventory management.That’s where good multichannel eCommerce software like ChannelGrabber is essential. It helps you manage your inventory across every channel, in real time, so all your listings are up to date and efficiently selling your stock. But product lines aren’t static. They are constantly changing, and you’ll probably want to be adding new products and new listings all the time.So how do you keep your central inventory system up to date with new products?You import them.

The Importance of Importing Listings

By importing new listings in your ChannelGrabber account, you can make sure that you continue to have all your inventory, all your order management and all your customer messages all in one place.That means reduced admin time and improved productivity across all parts of your selling process – from stock management to order fulfilment.
Importing any new listings is essential if you want to manage that stock effectively across all your channels. If you want to automate processes like setting VAT rates and including product weight and dimensions for shipping labels, you’ll need to import your products. It also gives you the opportunity to add product images to invoices, picking lists and your order table – making it easier for your staff to identify products and helping you look professional in front of your customers.

ChannelGrabber checks for new listings once every 24 hours, and you can then choose to import any listings you want. But what if any new listings were automatically added to your account, without you having to worry about them? Our new auto-import feature lets you do just that.

Keep your inventory up to date if you add a new channel

Auto-import is a great new feature to help make sure your inventory stays as up to date as possible, whenever you add a new channel.For example, you might have been testing a new product on Amazon that’s proving popular. To maximise your sales, you decide to list it on your own webstore and on eBay.With auto-import on, you don’t need to worry about adding the new channels to ChannelGrabber and synchronising stock levels – it’s all taken care of for you automatically.

Ensure you stay on top of new product lines

With new products being added to lines all the time, it can be difficult to keep everything organised in your inventory system. You might be adding two new listings for two new colours, and you need to make sure you can see and manage the stock at all times.Auto-import makes sure any new listings you add will always be automatically imported in your ChannelGrabber account, ready for you to review and amend the next day.

Cut Down on Admin Time – and User Error

You can always manually add new listings to your ChannelGrabber account – and if you’re added several new listings regularly, you’ll likely already be reviewing the manual import of new listings and selecting those to add.But if you’re just adding a new listing every now and then – perhaps a new channel for one product, or a new product that you’ve just got in stock – then you might not want to be checking and reviewing all the time.Auto-import helps you cut out that unnecessary admin time – and also ensures you won’t forget about adding that new listing to your inventory management which you posted yesterday!

When to Use Auto-Import

Automatically importing listings might not be for every seller. You’ll need to make sure all your SKUs are set-up correctly and that you have accurate stock levels across your channels.But if you have these in place, then our new auto-import feature could be a great addition to streamlining your internal processes and freeing up time for other important tasks.
To get started, see our helpful guide on: Automatically Importing Listings.

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