Why you should Simplify Delivery with Royal Mail’s Click & Drop

April 26, 2018

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As the final stage in the order process, shipping and delivery is a key part of your eCommerce business that you can’t afford to get wrong.  Customers expect good shipping. It’s no longer a unique selling point or added benefit to have fast, efficient delivery; it’s a necessity.  To succeed in the competitive eCommerce world, you need to make sure you’re always on top of your shipping and delivery. Royal Mail’s Click & Drop can help. Integrate Orders and Automate Dispatch

If you’re selling on multiple channels, you’ll have orders coming in from a variety of places and will need to stay on top of the picking, packing, labelling and shipping process.  There’s a lot that could go wrong, so you need to simplify and automate your delivery procedures wherever possible.

One of the most efficient ways to do this is to integrate all your orders with Royal Mail’s Click & Drop service.  It allows you to buy all your postage in advance and then print labels with just a few simple clicks.  It integrates with your online stores and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay so that your order details can be automatically imported, ready to use.

Click and Drop gives you all the usual Royal Mail shipping options to over 200 countries. So it’s ideal wherever you’re delivering too. Payment is quick and simple via credit cards or PayPal, and if you have an online business account with Royal Mail (OBA) you can connect this and then print hundreds of labels at once.

If you use ChannelGrabber to manage your inventory and orders across multiple channels, and then integrate with Royal Mail’s Click & Drop, you’ll be streamlining all your processes and making shipping as seamless as possible.

The Benefits of Royal Mail’s Click & Drop

Along with all the general benefits of using Royal Mail – like fixed prices and generally unbeatable value for small packages – their Click & Drop service helps you improve and simplify delivery in a number of additional ways:

  • Save time – Buy online and print multiple labels at once. That way, you don’t need to worry about standing in a queue at the post office. You can drop packages off, with all postage paid for and complete, at any post box or post office. You can even order collections if you want to spend more time growing your business.
  • Save money – Buy in advance and in bulk gives you the very best value. So, by using the service you’re unlikely to have any problems with delivery nor related costs when this goes wrong.
  • Improve efficiencies – Click & Drop can also integrate the opposite way, back to your eCommerce store or marketplace. All your tracking numbers can be uploaded automatically, so your customers have everything they need. You can also create specific shipping rules to automate the processing of orders (our Shipping Aliases function can help with this too!)
  • Improve accuracies – Incorrect addresses can be a big problem with some orders from online marketplaces. As a result, they can cause you a major headache with delivery. But with Click & Drop, you can utilise Royal Mail’s Address Lookup to improve the likelihood of an accurate delivery.

Royal Mail Click and Drop Integration Limitations

The one major downside of Royal Mail’s Click & Drop is that it only integrates with some eCommerce stores and marketplaces, not all of them. Unfortunately, there are some where you need to manually add your order details to your Click & Drop account.

However, if you use ChannelGrabber, we’ve built in a solution that reduces the amount of manual processing required. Not only this, but also minimises the potential for errors. All you need to do is select all the orders in your ChannelGrabber account that cannot be integrated automatically, and then assign them to the desired delivery method (you can automate this with Shipping Aliases to set default preferences, as we mentioned above).Then once that’s done, you just export a CSV file from ChannelGrabber, and import the file into Click & Drop. After you’ve completed this process once, all the necessary fields will populate automatically. So printing labels will be quick and easy!

This means:

  • There’s no need to manually type out addresses for each order.
  • You save time – as well as preventing human error when inputting details.
  • With minimum effort, you can continue to prevent bulk labels.

Find all the details on how to export orders for Royal Mail’s Click and Drop, or if you haven’t yet tried ChannelGrabber and want to see how easy it is to streamline your shipping and delivery processes, then open your ChannelGrabber account today:

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