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4 consequences of Poor Inventory Management

November 23, 2022

ChannelGrabber revisits one of our most loved articles to outline the consequences of poor inventory management [in 2022]. The challenge of inventory management and stock control With 90% of eCommerce businesses failing within their first 120 days it is imperative that business owners and operational managers do everything within their power to ensure their success.…

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Meet Our Head of Product: Ben Edge

November 4, 2022

ChannelGrabber is pleased to introduce, the visionary and dynamic, Ben Edge as our Head of Product. Ben joins ChannelGrabber from an extensive career as a Lead Product Manager and in his earlier years as a Business Analyst. His experience includes leading FTSE 100 companies, notably Boohoo Group PLC, Lloyds Banking Group and RBS. Having put…

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Multichannel eCommerce: The benefits and costs of selling on Etsy

October 28, 2022

The challenges of Ecommerce Operating as a multichannel online retailer poses challenges far wider than just listing the right product to potential customers. From supply chain issues, the cost of living crisis, to order management, and stock control, the challenges for eCommerce brands and businesses are in abundance. So deciding which marketplaces you should list…

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ChannelGrabber x RFH Group: Order Management Software that Saves Time and Resource

October 18, 2022

Are you an eCommerce brand or running a wholesale operation? Find out how our Order Management Software can help your business to become “100% sell proof”.We interview Luke Hudson at the RFH Group, to understand how his company benefits from our  Inventory and Order Management Software. Can you tell us about your eCommerce business and…

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Multichannel eCommerce: The benefits and costs of selling on eBay

October 14, 2022

Following on from our previous article, highlighting the benefits and costs of selling on Amazon, we turn our focus to eBay. Find out if eBay should form part of your multichannel ecommerce strategy to build your business or brand. Join us as we weigh up the benefits, costs and most sold items on the marketplace.…

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Meet Our Managing Director: James Leech

October 5, 2022

We introduce James Leech to provide an update on the recent activity at ChannelGrabber and future plans for our inventory and order management software solutions.  Since joining the company in February 2022, James has been leading ChannelGrabber’s integration into Everymile, a new division of the WPP which is the world’s largest advertising and marketing company.…

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