Why use a Message Centre instead of Amazon Messages

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Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, also known as the Amazon Message Centre or Amazon Seller Communication Centre, is a feature of Amazon’s service that allows buyers and sellers on Amazon to communicate directly through the marketplace to discuss their transaction, raise any issues, claims, provide feedback, or suggestions related to the purchase.

It helps buyers leave feedback for the product directly with the seller, discuss the problems, if any, and understand the usage of the items. It can also be used to ask any question related to the purchase – whether it is about the product itself or related to shipping, payments, orrefunds.

From a seller’s perspective, the UK Amazon Message Centre helps them resolve customer queries and answer their questions all in one place. But using it requires the seller to be logged into their Amazon seller account. This is fine for very small retailers but where multiple staff are involved in providing customer service and / or when the retailers uses multiple selling destinations like webstores and eBay, using the UK Amazon Message Centre can be cumbersome and impractical.

ChannelGrabber offers a solution for these retailers. The ChannelGrabber Amazon Message Centre enables sellers to connect their Amazon account to the ChannelGrabber multichannel ecommerce platform (which also supports multichannel listing, inventory management and order management, billing and shipping). Once connected, the ChannelGrabber Amazon Message Centre provides a two-way link to the seller’s Amazon Message Centre facilitating receiving and sending of Amazon messages. What is more, it also links to your eBay seller account enabling you to manage all your marketplace messages in a single mailbox then manage them with custom folders and a variety of other useful tools. The ChannelGrabber Amazon Message Centre provides an opportunity for all of a seller’s users to connect with their customers across multiple sales channels and discuss their queries and concerns without having to log into the seller account directly. It helps them understand how they can serve customers better in the future and opens up new possibilities for soliciting repeat business.