Meet Our Managing Director: James Leech

October 5, 2022

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We introduce James Leech to provide an update on the recent activity at ChannelGrabber and future plans for our inventory and order management software solutions. 

Since joining the company in February 2022, James has been leading ChannelGrabber’s integration into Everymile, a new division of the WPP which is the world’s largest advertising and marketing company. He has also been overseeing the introduction of a new software-focused product and engineering team. This has resulted in the development of an exciting new roadmap for our multichannel order management software.

James left his role as Product Director at Sainsbury Argos in February 2022 marking the end of a 22-year tenure with one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK. Joining ChannelGrabber, James brings with him a wealth of experience in product development, order management and building best-in-class teams. Throughout these videos, James shares how his previous experience is helping to build a brighter future for ChannelGrabber.

Q1. Can you introduce yourself?

“My last role was the director of product for all across Argos and Sainsburys, specifically, I looked after Order Management and Development there. So whether for the general management or for the food business.”

Q2. Can you explain your role as Managing Director and what you bring to the business?

“I wear two hats, but it all comes together. So within WPP, we’re part of Everymile agency…which is a fully managed commerce offering.”

“I am Chief Product and Technology officer for Everymile” and “Managing Director for this company.”

“[Everymile] uses our amazing order management solutions from across our business to actually power Everymile.”

Q3. Can you explain what it means to be a part of WPP?

“WPP is an amazing company…in terms of the people and the creativity.”

“Ultimately it is the largest marketing and communications company in the world. It also has significant experience in eCommerce.”

“As a result of being part of that, we are able to access significant resources, whether that be people, technology, services, advice and expertise.”

Q4. What has been the focus of the past six months?

“Well, I think first of all, for me personally, it’s been to come in seek to understand and really get to know customers, colleagues, the business itself, to understand what’s great, what’s not so great.”

“So short term, it’s been okay, what do we need to do to do the best job that we can possibly deliver this year. The second though, is developments of longer-term plans, in terms of how we’re going to utilise the investment that we’ve been given, to provide and give the best value to our customers.”

Q5. What do the next twelve months look like for the business?

“So I think in terms of the change, I think, a lot more development coming out of the team in terms of the roadmap features, capabilities, some difference from what other businesses are perhaps doing.”

Q6. What can our customers look forward to seeing a change in the future?

“I think a lot more development coming out from the team in terms of the roadmap of features, capabilities, some different from what other businesses are perhaps doing.”

Q7. Any closing remarks?

“Just to say that you know, thank you to everybody. And, you know, in terms of the support and what you’ve put into this business, we’ve got a fantastic existing customer base….”

“And I think over the course of the next year or so you’ll really see the loyalty that you’ve placed in us really paying back with the investment that we are that we’re putting into it.”

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